Thoughts from Kujuria

13435339_10102111399076510_663207599152199137_nThis summer, Point of Impact was blessed to have six mission teams travel to Honduras to serve alongside our staff. They spent their weeks teaching in our children’s programs, building homes for families in the community, giving lice treatments to our students, feeding the residents at the dump and rehab shelters, and playing with the children in a special-needs orphanage…among many other things!

This is written by one of our trip participants, teacher and mother, Kujuria Bobbitt. She traveled to Honduras with her 9-year-old daughter Carrington and the rest of the Fellowship Memphis team.

What were some of your expectations going into the trip?

“I expected to go on this trip to be used anyway possible by God. I wanted to show my daughter the world and the love that’s needed for all people.”

How did those expectations change after serving in Honduras?

“After serving in Honduras, I realized that God will use you no matter what to serve him…

Despite self doubt or age.

Despite flaws or brokenness.

He showed that He can use us to teach to the nations despite a language barrier.

Love denies no one.

Love is pure hearted.

Love is an invisible sense that is felt immediately.

Who was one person that impacted your life that week?

“The staff at POI San Juan wore faces of hope and love everyday for those children. Despite the obstacles and weariness, they serve with compassion, love, and honor.

Is there a particular story or lesson you learned while serving?

“I learned that God can use you…and he specializes in being intentional.”

How will you use that lesson learned now that you’re back home?


“I’ve come home with a bigger heart one that was minimized due to exhaustion and hurt.
…One that wants to serve in any capacity.
…One that wants to mend the brokenness in my family by embracing the idea of community and family in Honduras.
…One that seeks to help and aid single mothers.
…One that seeks God in all my ways.

With this experience he is maturing and molding me for a task ahead as well as for my daughter. God intentionally placed my daughter and I with a group of amazing people…A group that felt more like family. I’m truly grateful!”



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