Angie is Home


“ The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. ” Matthew 25:40

During one of our visits to an orphanage for children with intellectual deficit and neurological diseases, two new faces stood out. Siblings Angie Milagro (5 years old) and Angel David Cruz (7 years old). Both have a history of intellectual deficit and medication history for epilepsy.

Angie and Angel lived with their parents who are alcoholics and drug addicts, in a garbage dump and who used the children for begging. Their history with them was one of suffering abuse, trauma, malnutrition, complete lack of attention, love and care. Because of this they were separated from their parents by the national child protection authorities.


In the last four years the siblings have lived in three different orphanages. During the last five months we started an intentional relationship with both. Every weekend they have been staying at our house homes and shared with our boys, girls, and house home parents. They have been accepted, loved, cared for, taken to the doctor, bought new clothes. They have taken swimming lessons, visited church, gone to the movies, making this the first time they have experienced a family atmosphere.

Their grandmother, who is also a member of POI church had been requesting their custody for a while and with the help of POI on Friday December 2, Angel David’s custody was granted to her. POI will be supporting her by covering all his expenses of food, education and medicines. And Angie has been accepted to live as our newest member at the girls’ house home!

We are very happy and grateful to God for the opportunity to be able to change the life of this beautiful girl who lived in a dump, who has language problems, who is afraid of the dark but who will no longer face these problems alone. She will not feel hungry or thirst but will feel cared and loved for because Christ has loved us first. Welcome Home Angie, we have been waiting for you!

Please keep us in your prayers pray that:

  • Zarco and Sindy can be strengthened as they start facing new challenges
  • For our house home girls as they learn new family dynamics
  • For Angie as she starts her healing journey
  • For Angel David and his grandmother


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