A Life Changing Trip


  “If I then, the Lord and the Teacher, washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.” John 13:14


Destiny3The day we arrived in Honduras we went to the city dump to share the gospel and serve food. I could never have imagined how harsh these living conditions were. Men, women, and even children spent their days in the hot weather with no food or water, scavenging for plastic to exchange for a small amount of money. And many of those people called the dump home. It was a sight I never imagined. The way their faces lit up when we drove up with food and water will never leave my mind.

During Bible school at the neighborhood of San Juan, my group was greeted with hundreds of hugs from these children who didn’t even know who we were. Hearing some of the stories about these children broke my heart. These kids are growing up in horrendous living conditions and have very little, but they acted like they had everything in the world. All I saw were smiles and pure joy from these kids when I was there. They showed me that happiness is not materialistic. I was shown love like it’s all these kids knew how to do. I received hug after hug and it felt amazing.

On the last day of Bible school, we passed out a juice box and a cookie to all of the children for snack. There was this one little boy in the back of class who didn’t touch his.  I asked him why he wasn’t eating and he replied, “Voy a llevarlo a casa a mi hermana”.  (I am bringing it home for my sister.) That was very sad for me to hear because this second grader was willing to give up his food so his little sister could eat when he got home.

Gaby3  We also did a lice clinic one of the days. There were almost 400 kids who were there to get deloused. I never thought I would be removing lice from kids heads before. But they were so thankful which made this experience worth it. Braiding the girl’s hair and painting their nails made them so happy, afterwards they were running around and showing everyone their new hairstyles.

One of the most impactful days for me was when we brought the Tubs of Love to the homes of the families of San Juan. Within the tubs, there was enough food for a family of 5-6 for a month, and they also received a bible with the tub.  When I walked into a home that had rusted tin sheets as walls and only two rooms, I saw two of the children I met at Bible school. I honestly had to hold back tears when I saw them sitting on the dirt floor of that house. Those two were some of the happiest children I’ve seen in my life. I never imagined what their home life looked like.


Overall, I had an amazing trip and I wish I could thank every one of the children I encountered during the week. I just want them to know that they have impacted my life tremendously. I also want to thank the Point of Impact staff for being like a family away from home. I left a piece of my heart in Honduras but I returned to Minnesota with many new friends and memories that will last a lifetime This was such an amazing experience and I will be returning in the future.


Gabby, POI Mission Trip Participant, Summer 2017


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