Point of Impact is a faith ministry founded in 2006 by David and Ruth Hamilton. It seeks to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations by loving the “least of these” and meeting physical needs through children’s programs and the local church. POI exists to uplift, strengthen and empower Hondurans with the Word of God and the love of Christ!

POI consists of four churches in neighborhoods across the city that strive to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people. The ministry also supports four children’s programs through the churches that offer after-school tutoring, medical attention and daily nutrition to more than 450 children. In the summer of 2009, POI opened an orphanage to accommodate the children who were wandering the streets with no hope of a bed, a meal or the love of a family.

POI relies upon donations and support from individuals like you from all across the world, and operates through five elements of Impact:


Teaching the Word of God is central to the work at POI. Every day the children in our day programs receive instruction from the Bible and steps on how to live out their faith in their home and community. The Word of God is making an impact in their lives at an early age so they can avoid many of the errors they have seen. Our pastors and leaders in the churches are also teaching and preaching the Bible on Sundays. They often meet one-on-one with new believers to disciple them so they in turn can disciple others. The churches also host conferences led by POI staff and mission teams from the United States that encourage spiritual growth in areas such as marriage, family, temptation, discipleship, teaching and many more.


In the day programs, our teachers reinforce and tutor basic subjects like math and grammar. POI strives to decrease the high dropout rate from school and break the cycle of discrimination that relegates children to an inferior status. Many of our neighborhoods are gang-infested. If we can give children the tools they need to rise above these circumstances, we are giving them the opportunity to have a better life.


Our POI day programs at Villa Nueva and Crucitas have medical clinics to provide assistance and services in the following areas:

  • Dehydration
  • Respiratory infections
  • Severe malnutrition
  • Unhealthy conditions

All children in our programs are seen by an on-staff doctor when they first enter to assess health needs. We then monitor them and provide free healthcare to their family while they are in the program. The children in the San Juan and Feb. 21 programs are transported to one of these two facilities whenever the need arises. Any church member or community member may come to the clinic and pay whatever they can to receive diagnosis and treatment.


Most of the children who enter the program are moderately to severely malnourished. POI provides a daily meal for each child in the tutoring program tailored specifically to his or her health needs. An on-staff physician maps out a diet plan to counter the malnutrition after giving a medical examination to each child. The children receive vital nutrients and supplements each day that quickly show results.


Soccer is the most popular sport in Central America. In order to help the children develop the strength and motor skills of healthy boys and girls, we encourage them to play often. This team sport also motivates them to interact with others and work as a team to make goals. One of our church locations even has a turf field where teams can come and play and hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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