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Easing Poverty with a Backpack

IMG_6796Perhaps you have read or participated in Point of Impact’s annual Christmas Backpack Program. Perhaps you have donated, but are not sure what happens after a Christmas backpack is purchased. In Honduras, the public school system is free until a student reaches the sixth grade. However, the majority of these children come from families that live on less than two dollars a day—school supplies and uniforms are never an option.

But this year, five hundred children now have the supplies they’ll need to be prepared for school.

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Yarely’s Backpack

Photo Jan 08, 12 08 23 PM

Yarely doesn’t just need a backpack to attend school. She needs the reassuring stability, the opportunity to study, and the chance to break this vicious cycle of gang involvement that is slowly destroying her family—and her future.

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Filling in the Gaps


Last year in Tegucigalpa, the public schools were only open 100 out of the required 200 days—a simple glimpse of the corruption that envelops the public school system in Honduras. Students either go to school from 7:15 am to 11:30 am or from 1:00 to 4:30, instead of a typical seven-hour school day.

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