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Taking the ‘Impact’ Back Home

IMG_4930Meet Dante and Pershawn. They are middle school students at a public school here in the inner city. Their hard-working mother works tirelessly to make ends meet, but still she cannot provide all that her boys need to be prepared for school.

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A WREG Bright Spot: Not Too Late to Give Back


Do you remember waking up on Christmas morning to family, food, and gifts under the tree?

It’s easy for us to forget that not everyone is able to experience such a merry moment. In fact, thousands of children will wake up this Christmas morning with nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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“Backpack Program Helps Honduran Students”


“If a child can get through the sixth grade in Honduras, they’re much more likely — 86 percent more likely — to graduate high school if they can just make it through the sixth grade. Because most kids don’t get past sixth grade. That’s when they start being able to work or being a little more helpful around the home, so their parents take them out of school.” —David Hamilton

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