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Sponsoring Bevely

Eight years ago, Megan Frost-Smith went to Honduras and fell in love with the country and the people. Living in Missouri at the time, she went with her church, The Rock, and visited Choluteca with about fifteen other people. She worked with an AIDS orphanage and a malnutrition clinic. “I was overwhelmed by the kindness of all the people.”

She couldn’t stay away. She went back every year after that for three years in a row on her spring breaks from college. After graduating she moved to Memphis, and even though she couldn’t go with her former church, she made a trip by herself one year to teach material she had learned in Downline.

Last year, Megan went to Tegucigalpa with POI for the first time. She had already fallen in love with Honduras, but on this trip she fell in love with the work of POI. “I have seen people consistently pour into improverished neighborhoods [like POI does], but I have never seen someone try to bring emotional health and healing to impoverished neighborhoods. I have a lot of respect for POI and I wanted to continue to partner with them.”

20160615_104239It was on this trip that Megan met Bevely and her whole view on sponsorship changed. “I had always thought that I should be doing the work myself. I wanted to have a hands-on approach to giving to the people I cared about, but what I realized was that I wasn’t nearly as effective at knowing what people needed or how they needed to get it as the people who lived and worked in Honduras were. I realized I could trust them to use my money to advance the Kingdom in ways I never could.”

Bevely’s athletic bent and independent spirit resonated with Megan and she formed a bond with her during her visit. Bevely would seek Megan out and spend time with her when she was working at the project. They played and interacted as much as they could. “Having seen how POI worked so hard in the neighborhoods to share the Gospel and love the people, I knew I wanted to sponsor a couple of the girls. When I found out she didn’t have a sponsor, I knew I wanted to be that person for her.”

Three weeks ago, Megan got a chance to go back and see Bevely. Bevely knows that Megan is sponsoring her and it has deepened what was already a sweet relationship. “My affection for her has grown since last year. Bevely shared some things with me about her life that surprised me. I didn’t expect her to open up like she did. It was a little awkward hanging out with someone I’d only seen once before, but it was so sweet. I cried like a baby when we said good-bye.”

Megan plans to go back as soon as she can and serve with her presence, but she is grateful that she can continue to love Bevely and the ministry of POI when she’s not there. “Sponsoring is a great way to consistently invest in the life and future of another person.”

The Gift of Prayer


IMG_8965One of the greatest gifts a sponsor (or anyone) can give our children is prayer. We can do all that we can financially, medically, relationally and educationally, but if God doesn’t bless our efforts, nothing we do can change their lives. We can plant and we can water, but it is God who gives the increase. He is the true Hope for our children and families. What better way to be a part of His movement in their lives than through prayer!

For some of us, praying for a sponsored child comes naturally, but it can often feel a little intimidating. The life of a child in poverty is hard and the responsibility of praying for them may seem weighty. Fortunately, we have a Father who longs to hear our requests. Here are a few ideas to help in praying for our POI kids.

  1. Get to Know Your Child – Learn as much as you can about the child you’re sponsoring – where they live, what they want to be, and what their neighborhood is like. The more you know about someone the easier it is to pray for their needs. Consider writing them and asking specifically how you can pray.
  1. Keep it Simple – Praying for a child doesn’t have to involve an hour-long prayer session every day. Simple prayers throughout the day are just as needed and a great way to remember your kid. Consider keeping a picture close by as a reminder or setting an alarm to pray for your child at the same time each day.
  1. Pray, pray, pray – Pray often and pray consistently. Write down prayer requests your child sends you or that POI shares for their project. If you don’t have specific prayer requests, pray for the things all children need – health, food, success in school, and a relationship with Jesus.

From time to time, we will be posting prayer requests for our projects, staff, and children. We would be honored if you would pray with us for the work that God is doing in Honduras.

To donate or to sponsor a child for only $30 a month, please visit our website at

To Know and Serve Jesus Christ

The doors of the clinic flung open promptly at 8am and in less than minutes the waiting room was already packed. This was the case yesterday. And it will be the case tomorrow. In a nation like Honduras, quality healthcare is not as accessible like it is in the United States. This is why our POI clinics are always full of patients who eagerly long to be treated for their ailments. Once our doors open at one of our clinics, our health care providers begin ministering to, on average, 30 patients every day.


Today a sweet young girl named Rut is being treated. Rut (pronounced Rūt) is a 3yr old family member of one of our POI church members.  Just yesterday she was discharged from the public hospital after having been treated there for 9 days with a spinal surgery. Rut has suffered extreme pain since then and had been looking forward to continued relief that could only be provided by POI nurses and doctors. When she entered the clinic, escorted by her older sister Ingrid, the nurses listened patiently to Rut as she explained what was going on with her body.  Mary, our POI nurse, calmly reassured Rut that she would do her best to make her as comfortable as possible.

Mary immediately began to treat Rut’s pain. She examined the surgical incision and thoroughly cleaned her wound. She then bandaged the wound gently before sending a relieved Rut on her way to enjoy the rest of her day. In that moment, Mary felt a sense of purpose and joy that is par for the course with being a part of a ministry as powerful as POI’s. This ministry is not only one that meets the physical needs of the Honduran people but also meets their spiritual needs as well. POI shares the hope of Jesus Christ because we believe firmly that there’s a certain healing of the soul that comes only from the Lord. Rut and so many others do not simply need physical attention, they also need someone to be the voice of Christ to them as well. No wonder Mary and the rest of our team feels such a sense of purpose and gratitude in being a part of this ministry.


POI prides itself in taking advantage of a responsibility to get down into the trenches with people—we feel that God has called us to live life with the people we serve. Graciously God empowers us to meet their physical needs. But through our commitment to partner with the people we serve on a deeper level, God also empowers us to meet the needs of their heart as we share the ultimate need—to know and serve Jesus Christ.

Will you consider partnering with POI? Will you be a part of stories like Rut’s and Mary’s? Will you help us continue to put smiles on the faces of deserving children? Whether you provide the gift of health through a $35 Medicine Pack this Christmas, through sponsoring a child, or by coming along on a trip to serve the people of Honduras, know that your effort will go a LONG way.