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Ministry Spotlight: POI Kitale

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“We are thankful for all the support you have been giving the feeding station…and the prayers—we are very much encouraged by POI ministry to reach our needs.”

-Pastor Makani

In Kitale, Kenya,  “laws require that all children attend primary school, which is similar to American grade school. Due to the poverty levels and lack of government infrastructure there are few schools in many communities, and many that exist do not provide a quality education. Even in Kenya, where the school infrastructure is further along than in Tanzania, it is expensive to attend a “free” school due to the cost of uniforms, supplies and in many cases boarding facilities. A majority of children live in extremely rural and impoverished areas, where the hope of attending school is a distant dream to even the most academically gifted children.”         [Asante Africa Foundation]


To aid in the alleviation of this distant dream for many Kenyan children, Point of Impact has partnered with Light Ministries and Pastor Richard & Helen Makani.

Currently, 450 children from the slums of Kitale attend the feeding station five days a week from 7am to 5pm where they receive both breakfast and lunch. On Saturdays they return for half the day for Bible teaching. With three baby classes (kindergarten), up to grade six, each child receives an education according to the Kenyan standard curriculum. The teachers also set aside time each day to have forty-five minutes of discipleship teaching. This week they are focusing on obtaining a good character using the Fruits of the Spirit.

As mentioned above, these children live in extreme poverty and do not have the fees to cover their uniforms and supplies. So, every three months the children receive a uniform (which is usually their only clothing.) All of these uniforms are sewn by women in the ministry who then train the older children how to create them as well.

Of these 450 children, eighty attend the Kenyan public school (mostly high-schoolers), but their uniforms and supplies are provided by the ministry.

After the 6pm school day is over, 176 of these children make their way to the Seeds Children’s Home where they live. Here they are taught farming skills, carpentry, poultry farming, and gardening. All of these children are orphaned but have been rescued from the slums by Richard and Helen. To read one of the children’s stories, click here.


DSC_0721Earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit the feeding station and orphanage. I was so encouraged by Pastor Richard and Helen and the leaders of this ministry. They truly are changing lives and living out the Gospel each and every day. Recently, I spoke with Pastor Richard and asked him to share with us some specific prayer requests for the children. I simply ask that you would commit to praying for these precious people who have devoted their lives to the Gospel in an incredibly difficult area. As you read over the requests below I also ask that you would consider giving to this particular feeding station.


–>One more day of food – $250 – Currently the children are only fed Monday-Friday, so when they return on Saturday for Bible teaching, we would like to include a meal. This meal will likely be the only one they receive until the following week when they return to the feeding station for school.

–>Two additional classrooms – $12,000 – In order to accommodate more children we need to expand our school classrooms. Most of these children have to sit in the floor or share a desk with a classmate so that they can all fit into one classroom. 

–>Pay raises for our staff – $1,500 – Our staff is made up of thirty devoted leaders who teach, cook, clean, work in the clinic, and counsel the children. They work long, hard hours and we desire to pay them well. We would like to raise their pay to an additional $50 a month, which would be $1,500 for thirty employees.

–>Prayers for strength and wisdom – Richard and Helen’s ministry never ends. When I traveled there this year, they constantly poured out from early in the morning to late in the night. They carry many burdens, many responsibilities, and more Faith than I could ever imagine. I ask that you would pray for their strength and wisdom to love these children with every new day.

–>Prayers for Michael’s health – Richard’s middle child, Michael, suffers from sickle-cell anemia. Amidst an incredibly demanding job, please pray that Richard and Helen will have what it takes to best care for their little boy. Right now he is doing well and enjoys all the rambunctious activities as any little boy! 



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Hannah Hamilton is the daughter of David and Ruth Hamilton, founders of Point of Impact Ministry. She first traveled to Honduras at 6 years old and has been passionate about advocating for the impoverished ever since. To read more, click here.                                                                                     


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