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How sponsoring a child changes the sponsors life

Meet Lindy.

1982274_10152265683112156_1305704632_nLindy is a Junior English major at the University of Memphis. She works as a nanny and hopes to one day teach english as a second language. 

559008_10152265682977156_1123877025_nI met beautiful Yessenia when I went to Honduras on spring break. She lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Honduras called Feb 21. 

I wasn’t sure why then, but the whole time while I was there, she was at my side wanting to hold my hand. I got to talk with her more and learn about her family. She is eight-years-old and lives with her single mom.

I knew then that it was my responsibility. 

Though I am a college student and don’t make much money, I knew that there were small sacrifices that I could make in order to sponsor Yessenia. 

By just giving up a few meals out with friends, I am able to sponsor her monthly. I am comforted by the fact that she is not only being fed and receiving tutoring, but also that she is being taught about Christ’s great love for her. Though I have not sponsored her very long, I am so excited to start writing her letters and building our friendship.

-Lindy May


Meet Stephen.


I decided to sponsor through POI because I fell in love with little Maria Jose when I met her on a mission trip. We had so much fun that week (even when she thought pulling on my hair was fun).

It wasn’t until the second time I went to Honduras that I made the decision to sponsor Maria Jose. Right there in Honduras, I pulled out my iPad and started sponsoring her. That was almost 2 years ago.





Maria Jose is full of life, and always smiling. But her life is nothing to smile about.

Last year, while delivering tubs of love, we happened to walk into her house without me knowing. I saw a little unicorn sitting on a shelf that looked exactly like a unicorn I had purchased at Target and gave to her the day before. I immediately blurted out “Are you Maria Jose’s mother?” Through a translator she said she was indeed her mother. She then began to tell the sad story of Maria’s home life.

11478_10100599409041491_1994065912_nI know that the joy of Christ gives her that smile on her face, and she is an encouragement to me each and every day

I have been sponsoring Maria Jose for almost two years now and I plan to do it as long as the program allows me to. It is a small way that I can make a difference.

-Stephen Hayden






We are so thankful for sponsors like Stephen and Lindy. They are a perfect example that anyone can make an impact. If you would like more information or would like to choose a child to sponsor,  just click here. 

To each of our sponsors, THANK YOU. Point of Impact could not exist without your prayers and generosity.


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Eight Life-Changing Months

Seven-year-old Johan Daniel came to the boy’s orphanage with malnutrition problems, fungus on his feet, undeveloped motor skills, hygiene problems and a lack of education.

In these short eight months Johan has been treated for all of his health issues and is doing great.

When he arrived at the orphanage, he was unable to pick up a pencil and draw; however he is now enrolled in the kinder program at Penzotti School and has learned to write his name.

His teachers marveled at his improvement in writing, critical thinking and language.

Being at the orphanage has opened Johan’s eyes to a whole new world. He had to learn to do even the simplest things such as using a toilet, brushing his teeth, washing his hands, listening to authority and eating regular meals.


Please pray for Johan’s nutrition problem to be eliminated. Although his health is much better, he still has trouble keeping his food down at times.

Pray for obedience from Johan, who has only recently learned what that means, as well as wisdom for Edgardo and Mary as they guide him in love.

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The Art in Life

This past week a group from Thin Blue Line Ministries traveled to Honduras to work with POI.  Thin Blue Line is a ministry based out of Arizona that works with orphans, government officials, police and military authorities to bring the grace message.

This week the team went to each POI program to train the staff in art therapy, a psychotherapeutic way of creating a safe place for children to release stress and feelings.




Art therapy is a wonderful program for the children in these neighborhoods who carry an enormous amount of emotional baggage due to their dysfunctional family lives and extreme poverty.


POI would like to give a huge thank you to everyone from Thin Blue Line Ministries who came to serve this week!

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